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Associate Professor Mark Bunting

BSc (InfProc), PhD (Rhodes), CFA, FCA, CA (SA), FIFM, FAIA (Acad)

Office Number: 1

Email: m.bunting@ru.ac.za

Subject Discipline: Finance

Lectures: Third Year Corporate Finance

Professional Membership: CFA, ACA, CA (SA), FIFM

Research Interest:

1. Capital markets research in accounting (examining the relationships between accounting numbers and equity returns).

2. Economics and finance of South African public higher educational institutions.


1993a: Accounting for investments, Accountancy SA.

1993b: Research and development costs, Accountancy SA.

1993c : End of the line for abused "extraordinary item", Business Day.

2011: Financial Reporting in South Africa 2011. (Application of IFRS in the context of South African corporate and tax law. 873 pages, with more than 250 detailed worked examples. Main target audience is senior undergrad and junior postgrad financial accounting students. Professionals may also find it useful. The 2011 edition is available at no charge in PDF format, subject to copyright conditions. Contact me at m.bunting@ru.ac.za for a copy.)

2012: The foolishness of committees, Accountancy SA.

2013a: Motivational speakers, Accountancy SA.

2013b: Are investors rational? Accountancy SA.

2013c: Black swans, Accountancy SA.

2013d: The problem with accounting research, Accountancy SA.

2013e: Human capital, Accountancy SA.

2013f: The fascination and frustration of financial statements, Accountancy SA.

2013g: A monkey and a dartboard, Talk of the Town

2014a: Thomas Bayes, SA Financial Markets Journal.

2014b: The market for lemons, SA Financial Markets Journal.

2014c: Sloth, SA Financial Markets Journal.

2014d: The bell-shaped curve, SA Financial Markets Journal.

2015a: (with KJ Barnard) Value and size investment strategies during the global financial crisis: Evidence from the South African equity market. SA Journal of Accounting Research. 29(2):177-196

2015b: (with KJ Barnard) The contextual prediction of South African equity returns using fundamental analysis. Rhodes University Department of Accounting Working Paper Series 2015/01. Available at http://ssrn.com/abstract=2605534

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