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Peta Myers

BCom (Hons) (Fin Acc) (UNISA), PGDHE, MEd (Rhodes)

Office Number: 307

Email: l.myers@ru.ac.za

Subject Discipline: Financial Accounting

Lectures: Accounting 101 and 112

Course Co-Ordinator: Accounting 101 and 112

Research Interest: Accounting Education


Journal Articles

Myers, L. P. (2016). Knowledge structures and their relevance for teaching and learning in introductory financial accounting.  SA Journal of Accounting Research, 30(1), 79–95. http://doi.org/10.1080/10291954.2015.1099215.

Myers, L. P. (2017). An analysis of how students construct knowledge in a course with a hierarchical knowledge structure.  SA Journal of Accounting Research, 30(2). http://0-dx.doi.org.wam.seals.ac.za/10.1080/10291954.2016.1196528.

Conference Proceedings

Myers, L. P. (2014). Introductory Financial accounting: The impact of knowledge structures on teaching and learning. In Proceedings for the SAAA Teaching and Learning Conference 2014. Cape Town, South Africa: SAAA.

Bezuidenhout, L. P. (2009). Creating a Virtual Classroom: Evaluating the use of online discussion forums to increase teaching and learning activities. In Proceedings for the eLearning Conference 2009.  Dakar, Senegal.

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