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Anthropology 2

The concerns of anthropology are explained in greater theoretical, analytical and methodological depth, with a focus on specialist ethnographic and thematic topics.

Courses vary depending on specialist lecturer availability and interests but common topics include:

Environmental Anthropology

This course explores the relationship between humans and the natural environment, and the ways in which this relationship is mediated by culture, religion, technology and philosophy. It examines the current concerns of biocultural diversity especially relating to indigenous peoples and their knowledge systems within the contexts of globalisation, and the impact of economic and political development on their resources and identities.

People of the Oceans and Islands - Indian Ocean/ Western Pacific World (Oceania) Ethnography

This course offers an introduction to the ethnography and peoples of either the southwest Indian Ocean (Mauritius, Madagascar, Zanzibar and the Seychelles) OR the ethnography of the Western Pacific (the Solomon Islands and Melanesia). These courses are taught by specialist scholars who have long term fieldwork experience in these areas.

Power and Wealth

An exploration of the interplay of power and wealth in the modern world, including the impacts of the market economy and globalisation on local level societies in the developing world.

The Anthropology of Tourism

Currently one of the world’s largest industries, and far and away the largest in many developing countries, the anthropology of tourism is a popular and growing field of study examining the tourist phenomenon and the impact it has on host communities.

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