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The Science Inside on Vowfm 88.1 Visits the RUBIC

Date Released: Fri, 20 May 2016 12:31 +0200

Elna Schütz recently interviewed Prof Janice Limson & PhD candidate Jan Kruid and Dr Earl Prinsloo regarding the research currently underway in RUBIC with respect to aptamer research and bioprinting.

Follow the links below to the Science Inside podcasts:

Prof Limson & Jan Kruid discuss the CD4 aptamer research (Part 4) 

The Science Inside #07 - HIV Show (Play List)

Dr Prinsloo discusses the use of 3D printers in tissue engineering (Part 2)

The Science Inside #09 - Science Stories (Play List)



Source:Elna Sch├╝tz, The Science Inside, Vowfm 88.1