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BioBRU Attends the 2014 SASBMB Conference

Date Released: Thu, 24 July 2014 08:57 +0200

The 24th biennial congress of the South African Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (SASBMB) was recently held from the 6-9th of July.

The beautiful Goudini Spa Resort welcomed approximately 300 SASBMB members for three days of seminar talks, poster presentations and strong scientific discussion. BioBRU was well represented at the conference with 11 current members, accompanyed by Dr Adrienne Edkins, and one BioBRU alumnus (Buhle Moyo) in attendance. Key note speakers included Alan Aderem, Jacques Drouin, Colin Goding, Jerry Workman and Peijun Zhang. Invited speakers included our own Dr Adrienne Edkins who shared a well worked story centred around a recent PLOS ONE publication. BioBRU members Dr. Lorraine Mutsvunguma and Jason Sterrenberg also shared their current research in neatly strung oral presentations. Poster presentations were given by Dr Jo-Anne de la Mare, Cindy Slater, Morgan Hunter, Samantha Beckley, Stacey Weeks, Tamarin Perks, Ianthe Wingate, Michaelone Vaaltyn and Natasha Boel; all of whom were well received. The highlight of the conference for many was Colin Godings plenary talk on the transcription program driving phenotype switching in cancer: lessons from melanoma. Colin kept the congress on the edge of there seats despite an Eskom power failure. Powerful points without the need for PowerPoint. On the way back form the conference the group spent the night at the Santos Express Backpackers, a train only 30m from the Sea. What a treat! Pictures from the trip can be found in the BioBRU gallery.

Details of the conference can be found at http://sasbmbconference2014.co.za/

 Tamarin Perks alongside her poster "The interaction between Hsp90 and the TGF-Beta signalling pathway in colorectal cancer cells" at one of two poster sessions at the 2014 SASBMB congress.