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PDEM PT Applying PDEM PT Applying

To apply for the Part Time PDEM you need to apply to Rhodes University and to the Business School. As such there are two forms to fill in. Both forms are to be sent directly to the Rhodes Student Bureau (Along with all required supporting documentation as indicated on the forms). 

The formal RU application form:


A Rhodes Business School applicaiton form

Printout both forms (RU Application and PGDip) and fill them in. Thereafter scan and send via E-mail to: academicadmin@ru.ac.za 

It is also important that you read this document (Part Time PGDip (Enterprise Management) Expectations document) prior to applying for the PGDip. it explains what is expected from a PGDip student at Rhodes Business School.

Alternatively you can contact the Rhodes Student Bureau:

PO Box 94
Tel: (046) 603 7034 Fax: (046) 603
E-mail: academicadmin@ru.ac.za

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