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Samella Ngxande

Research Technician

Phone: +27 76 060 7266

Email: sngxande@gmail.com


BSc (Hons) University of Fort Hare (2007)

MSc Rhodes University (2016)



MSc Thesis Title

The effects of induced volatile chemicals from Lantana camara on behavioural preference of Falconia intermedia.

Supervisor: Dr Unathi Heshula. Co-supervisor: Prof. Martin Hill.

General Summary

Samella completed her Honours degree at the University of Fort Hare in 2007. For her Masters, she worked on the response of Lantana camara to feeding by Falconia intermedia. L. camara is one of the worst weeds in the world. It was firstly introduced in South Africa in 1858. Since 1961, 26 agents have been released for control, however only 13 agents have established, with only five showing moderate damage to the weed, one of which is F. intermedia. Even though F. intermedia populations are high in numbers, Lantana persists and invades new areas. Previous studies showed that leaf toughness and trichome densities increased following feeding by F. intermedia. At one study site, volatile chemicals were responses were also seen. Samella investigated the effect of the volatile chemicals on the behaviour of F. intermedia, to improve its efficacy as a biological control agent.

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