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Sinoxolo Nombewu

Quarantine Technical Officer


Office: S11, Second Floor, Life Science Building

Email: s.nombewu@ru.ac.za

BSc (Hons), Entomology, University of Fort Hare (2015)

Sinoxolo Elove Nombewu is working as a Quarantine Technical Officer for the Biological Control Research Group at the Quarantine lab. Her responsibilities involve maintaining potential biological control agents for Sagittaria platyphylla, an invasive plant species in South Africa where she performs various host specificity tests. She also maintains the agents used to control Spathodea campanulata and Pereskia aculeata (Cactaceae) terrestrial weeds. She is also involved in maintaining the target weed as well as any plants related to the target weed Sagittaria platyphylla at Waaineck facility.

She has a BSc honours degree in Entomology (The effects of exposure to Bt-maize on non-target organisms: the case of snails and cutworms) and is busy with an MSc in Entomology (Distribution and diversity of cereal stem borers and their host plants in the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa).

Research interests
  • Taxonomy
  • Ecology



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