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Chemistry Department SciFest Lecture Series

Date: 12 March 2018 17:00 - 12 March 2018 10:11
Location: Chemistry Minor
Organiser: Alyssa Williams (Phone 046 603 8255)
Event Type: Seminar

Public Talk Presented by

Prof. Dudley E Shallcross


Mr. Tim Harrison
School of Chemistry
University of Bristol

  Public Talk

The Biosphere is Cool


In this talk we will look at the Earth's climate system, stratospheric ozone loss and air pollution. We will see how natural (biospheric) processes are off-setting climate change and how they may also be cleaning the atmosphere. Recent research from my group on a range of systems will be presented including work on Criegee intermediates. The talk is aimed at a general audience and no prior knowledge about atmospheric chemistry is needed.


Date: 12 March 2018, Monday

Time: 17h00

Venue: Chemistry Minor

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