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Cape Town Events 2016

Date Released: Mon, 31 October 2016 14:49 +0200

The Vice-Chancellor's Dinner was held on Friday 16th September and a group of donors and close friends of Rhodes University came together to hear from Vice-Chancellor, Dr Sizwe Mabizela.  On Saturday, the Legacy Luncheon was held for our more mature alumni and in the evening, alumni of all ages came together to celebrate at the Reunion.

As Alumni, we must work together to build a better world and society so that we can bequeath future generations a better world and society than the one we inherited from the generation before us.  Every young person of our country and beyond should be assured of quality higher education at Rhodes University.   We invite you to partner with us in our ambitious yet eminently achievable goal of ensuring that no academically talented young person misses out on the life changing experience of graduating with a Rhodes University qualification simply because he/she happens to have been born into a family of meagre means.

 For all of you who have donated to Rhodes University, we sincerely thank you and for those who have not yet done so, we invite you to make a donation to your alma mater so we can ensure that others are afforded an opportunity to receive the same quality of education that you received at this university. No matter how small the donation, it will help to make a difference.  If you would like to set up a monthly debit order, please contact annualfund@ru.ac.za  

For any further information on leaving a Bequest to Rhodes University in your will, please contact Terryl at t.mccarthy@ru.ac.za.


Vice-Chancellor's Dinner

Legacy Luncheon


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