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East London 2017
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East London Consultation

Date Released: Wed, 2 August 2017 13:47 +0200

Our East London Consultation took place on Friday, 9th June at the Beacon Bay Country Club.  Approximately 40 Old Rhodians gathered and started a consultation ably facilitated by Adv Matthew Mpahlwa (2007).  With the Survey being issued, it was noted that the process of following the questionnaire was not as beneficial to the process as most of the guests had filled the survey out already.  Value was added with the general discussions and in debating the problematic issue of the name of Rhodes University, whilst concentrating on transformation.     The brand, quality of education and the student experience of our alumni when they were at the university, was discussed.  The positive feedback of our alumni experiences was reinforced amongst the groups after the formalities were dispensed with.  Our younger crowd were more vocal in their thoughts on transformation and the name of the institution, including the financial situation.  Some were for the name change, but the majority consensus seemed to be against it, due to the brand, financial and other implications.  It was agreed, that it was a complicated situation and further heightened by the economic situation and the need to enable all talented students to be able to enter Rhodes University to obtain a degree, unhindered by financial circumstances. Click on the Link for all photographs: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B-4jxkgTYsy2S3JmTndGaTFqMGs?usp=sharing


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