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Johannesburg Consultations

Date Released: Wed, 2 August 2017 16:31 +0200

Johannesburg Consultations took place at The Johannian on the 7th July.  A Brunch was held in the morning and in the evening, a Cocktail Party.  Thank you to our facilitators, Terry Sutherland and Father Charlesworth.  Our Johannesburg events were very lively with a very diverse group of people attending.  At both events, discussions and observations followed the points below:

  1. Social and demographic composition of the student body
  2. Transformation of the Curriculum
  3. Visual Representation
  4. Ceremonies, rituals, practices, customs, traditions – graduation ceremonies
  5. Naming of Buildings and the Institution

The events were focused:  Brand was discussed seriously and the connotations of a name change followed through in detail. Huge concern was expressed at the current higher education crises that we are facing in our country.

True to form, after the Consultations, our Alumni gathered together to socialise and to share more thoughts with their various groups.  Please click on the following link to access the photographs taken:



Johannesburg 2Johannesburg 3

Johannesburg 4Johannesburg 5


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