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Perth Reunion
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Perth, Australia Reunion Consultation

Date Released: Fri, 19 May 2017 12:18 +0200

Organised by ORs Andrew Burnett (1967) and Kevin and Marion Cockcroft (1978) and kindly hosted at Andrew and Barbara’s house, the event went off exceedingly well with everyone thoroughly enjoying the evening.  Prof George Wells, from Rhodes University:  Department of Computer Science, is currently on sabbatical and offered to be the guest speaker and to facilitate the Alumni Transformation Consultation.  Prof Wells discovered that Australian boerewors ‘is actually rather good!’ and his message from the Vice-Chancellor, Dr Mabizela, was warmly received by alumni and congratulations on the handling of the recent difficulties were passed on.  The transformation discussion went well, and the view was that everyone appreciates the changed context and the need for transformation generally.  However, the specific possibility of changing the name was received with varied emotions and the general feeling was that the (large) alumni body should have a larger ‘say’ in the matter than a small, transient body of current students.

Our current Perth Co-ordinators have decided to hand over to a new group to organise alumni events.  A huge thank you to Andrew and Barbara Burnett; Andre Jenson; Kevin and Marion Cockcroft for their hard work over the years.  A special thank you to Andrew and Barbara for their incredible dedication and many years of successful efforts in ensuring that our Perth Alumni keep their connection with Rhodes University. Andrew started organising Perth Reunions bi-annually from 2001 and I know that he Barbara welcome the new committee with open arms!

We welcome Gail Mosdell, Ian Rogers, Shirley Andres and Greg Beigel.  We will do all we can from our side to ensure that you receive all of the help possible to carry on organising these wonderful events.

Thank you to Ian Rogers for taking photographs:


Barbara and Andrew BurnettPerth Reunion 2017

Photo1:  Prof George Wells, Barbara and Andrew Burnett:

Photo2:  Craig Hardman, Bryce Wild, George Wells, Jessica Wild, Shirley Andres and Gail Mosdell.

Pic 6 PerthPic 4 Perth

Photo3:  Janet Stead, Prof Wells, Dave Sceales, Kevin Cockroft and Marion Cockroft

Photo4:  Spud Williams, Brian Downing, Prof Wells and Barbara Burnett.

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