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Inaugural Lecture of Prof Noel Pearse

Date: 21 August 2019 18:30 - 21 August 2019 20:30
Location: Eden Grove Blue
Organiser: Benita Rama (Phone 046 603 8520)
Event Type: Vice-Chancellor

Title: The Scholarship of Leadership: An illustration of the Integration of Research, Teaching & Learning and Community Engagement



The practice and development of leaders and leadership is of interest both to the academic community as well as to practitioners in various sectors of the economy. This interest is also reflected in the large number of popular books that have been published in the field of leadership, the wide range of leadership-related courses on offer, as well the attention that leadership has received in scholarly and applied research.


In this inaugural lecture, I describe the integration of my research, teaching & learning, and community engagement practices in relation to the scholarship of leadership practice and its development. Three interrelated leadership themes are explored namely: (1) effective and ethical leadership; (2) the identification and development of appropriate leadership competencies in organisations; and (3) the formation of leadership identity.


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