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Inaugural Lecture of Professor Sunitha Srinivas

The inaugural lectures mark the conferring of the status of full professorship to a Rhodes University academic staff member.

Date: 22 March 2017 18:30 - 22 March 2017 19:30
Location: Eden Grove Blue Lecture Theatre
Organiser: Benita Rama (Phone 046 603 8520)
Event Type: Alumni

You are cordially invited to the Inaugural Lecture of Professor Sunitha Srinivas, PhD (Pharmacy Practice), Post Graduate Diploma in High Education (PGDHE) with Distinction and Master of Pharmacy.

TITLE: “Engaging Communities to Enrich Health Promotion”

One of South Africa's current health challenges is the epidemic increase of Non-Communicable diseases. This reflects an adverse global trend affecting all low and middle income countries due to the globalization of modifiable risk factors, which are further worsened by population aging and urbanization. Traditional biomedical approaches with minimal community participation has failed to reduce the disproportionately negative impact of NCDs.

This inaugural lecture seeks to demonstrate the evolution of pharmacy practice based on practical, community centered approaches for health promotion and disease prevention. These approaches have been conceptualized and tailored to incorporate the local context and culture over the past fourteen years. The optimization of the increasingly scarce human and social resources is crucial for the improvement of public health and general awareness regarding healthy, mindful living. This lecture will assimilate the ‘Five pillars of Rhodes University’ integrated approach, to demonstrate how community engagement coupled with the benefit of strengthening the training of future health care professionals, provides a foundation for enriching local health promotion programs. 

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