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Basic IsiXhosa class for HKE & Inkululeko Student Volunteers

Date Released: Mon, 29 August 2016 10:30 +0200

South Africa is a rainbow nation and as such has different cultures and languages, 11 languages to be precise. IsiXhosa is one of the 11 official languages and is dominantly spoken here in the Eastern Cape. Unfortunately, efforts to learn African languages for many were thwarted by the apartheid government’s segregation.  As Such for the Mandela trading live week, Human Kinetics and Ergonomics Department staff and Inkululeko Volunteers took to Joza youth hub in effort to get their IsiXhosa basic lesson from a community member Marc.

It is time to recognize the importance and urgent power of learning even the basics of IsiXhosa and to have cultural awareness. For many who will be working in the Eastern Cape it will be in their best interests to be able to communicate in IsiXhosa.

The group made up of staff and students from Rhodes University learnt the basics of IsiXhosa and the grammar. They found that learning these basics would result in them knowing how to greet and introducing themselves in a way that would enables relationship-building and enjoyment of the language and culture of AmaXhosa.

Source:Community Engagement Directorate