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Celebrating Women in Engagement – Babsy Makombe

Date Released: Thu, 30 August 2018 13:36 +0200

Babsy started being involved in Community Engagement in 2012 when she joined a community project run by Stenden SA University. The project was based in her home town, Port Alfred. She volunteered in a computer center opened by the University where she taught computer skills. She says that she saw this as an opportunity to contribute and be part of a programme that would make a difference in people’s professional careers. After her involvement at the center she came to Makhanda and joined GADRA Education in 2014, where she now works as the Administrative and Advocacy Manager.

Since joining GADRA she has been involved in many programmes that the organization runs. This is her fifth year with the organization and she has made a lot of difference in the Makhanda and surrounding communities through her advocacy work. She also manages over a 150 student volunteers who are involved in different projects at GADRA.

When asked about her proud moments and achievements, Babsy explained that it is difficult to point out one achievement and claim it to be her own as she has worked and still continues to work with different groups of remarkable people. She says that each day is a milestone and it contributes to the end goal of making Makhanda a city of education excellence.

Babsy is also involved in the successful Nine Tenths Mentoring Programme. This programme is geared towards equipping matric students in selected local schools to cope with their final year of school and to pass to their full potential. Pupils are given one-on-one attention from a Rhodes University student through nine guided and structured contact sessions.  Babsy says the experience of working in such a programme is both humbling and pleasing. “My personal proudest moments include seeing a significant number of Makhanda Grade 12 learners gaining access to Rhodes University, and aspiring to become young professionals that will bring change in their own spaces”, said Babsy.

Source:Community Engagement Directorate