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Helping hands, A Toy Library Report

Date Released: Tue, 8 August 2017 10:43 +0200

By: Vatiswa Joni

During the preparation for Trading Lives 2017, The CSD toy Librarians requested assistance from Community Engagement for our Joza Toy Library to be painted inside and outside. The organization asked for donations and we received paint from Cash Build as well as paintbrushes, thinners, sand paper and sugar soap to clean the container. The Grahamstown Cash Build managers also gave up of their time and visited the toy Library providing some advice and suggestions as to how the repairs could be done and the Toy library waterproofing improved. Cash Build also offered new zinc sheeting, outdoor play equipment and educational toys after this visit.

On 24 July 2017, a private painter started the preparations for painting based on the advice received by washing the container and removing the old paint making it easier for the students to paint and ensuring that the donated paint was used in the right way. More than 20 student volunteers painted the Toy Library on 26 July 2017, Siya the private painter helped and supervised the students since he has knowledge about paints and how to professionally apply the paint received from Cash Build. We divided them into two groups one group painted the Toy Library and others painted Access Music Project’s container as we had excess paint and additional hands. We decided to paint Access Music as well since they are partners and neighbors at the hub.

Thank you Cash Build.

Source:Community Engagement Directorate