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Kim Weaver
Kim Weaver
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Kim Weaver at UNAHUR: Bringing biological control to communities

Date Released: Thu, 25 October 2018 10:17 +0200

Kim Weaver spoke at the National University of Hurlingham in Argentina about the initiatives that are being carried out at Rhodes to bring technological scientific research closer to communities. Weaver explained in detail the different strategies she coordinates from the Center for Biological Control (CBC) to educate learners in Makhanda on the uses and benefits of biological control.

Kim Weaver is the Rhodes University Science Faculty comnunity engagment officer. She completed her Master's Degree in Environmental Education at Rhodes in 2015. With her experience in Entomology of Stellenbosch (BScHons), she is interested in facilitating the process of incorporation of Entomology among local communities by introducing the various uses of insects, such as biological control. This is done through various educational programs in Makhanda and the Eastern Cape. In addition, it aims to try to foster a culture of community participation within scientific disciplines.

Her research interests include the awareness of biological control, early detection of invasive alien plants, the value of committed programs and the development of Educational Resources.

Source:National University of Hurlingham