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Legal Activism and Inkwenkwezi win 'Society of the year' at RUCE awards 2013

Date Released: Fri, 11 October 2013 11:43 +0200

Nthuthuko Legal Activism: Legal activism was established in 2007 with the aim of creating awareness of the law and making the law accessible to the ordinary person. Over the years the student lead society has reached thousands of people, by working closely with the law department and other legal professionals. This year, the society has been involved in “street law” initiatives, conducted workshops in CBO’s, schools and hospitals, sharing their legal knowledge on issues such as micro-lending, domestic violence, leases and labour law. The society has actively participated in on-campus drives as well, most notably community engagement week, environmental week and hosted their own constitutional fun day with Eluxolweni Boy’s Shelter.   

Inkwenkwezi Society: Established in 2010, Inkwenkwezi has continued to offer weekly ad bi-weekly paired reading sessions in four schools in Grahamstown. The organisation is a purely student-run society whose focus is community engagement, particularly in the area of early childhood education. In order to ensure that the society was partnering with the children who would most benefit from the programme, several committee members went out to each of the four schools at the start of the year and ran assessments with each of the children in the Foundation Phase grades. These assessments were then shared with the teachers of the classes and a group of children was decided upon by the committee and the teachers. The committee maintains strong communication with the teachers at each of the schools to ensure that the volunteering process runs smoothly and that the teachers and learners are an integral part of the process. Along with the Paired Reading Programme, the society aims to enlighten its volunteers and the general Rhodes populace about the issues surrounding early childhood literacy in and around Grahamstown through its annual book drive (the books from which go to the learners with whom the volunteers have been partnered for the year as a parting gift) as well as through workshops. Notably, the society recently held a Skills Development Workshop which was open to the public and was well-attended and enjoyed by all who were in attendance. Over the past year, Inkwenkwezi has built a relationship with the early childhood literacy initiative Nal’ibali, with the society recently being named as Nal’ibali’s Story Stars in a recent Nal’ibali supplement. 

Source:Legal Activism and Inkwenkwezi win 'Society of the year' at RUCE awards 2013