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Live Bugs For Oasis

Date Released: Wed, 27 July 2016 12:58 +0200

By: Sbusiso Mukhari

Prof Tally Palmer from the Institute for water research, took to the botanical gardens a number of young adults from the Oasis centre to find live bugs in the river that runs through the botanical gardens. This was a contribution to the trading live initiative by her and other colleagues from the institute.

The aim of colleting the bugs from the river was to determine whether or not the river has good water flowing through it. This determination is made by the existence of certain bugs in the river. The bugs found in the river have different sensitivity levels, the more sensitive the bugs found in the river are, the cleaner the water is and the less sensitive the bugs are, indicates evidence of pollution and unclean water.

The young adults were introduced to the fundamental information required for using this technique. They were given the necessary equipment and got into the river to catch the bugs in order to make the determination of whether clean water flows in the botanical gardens river. Prof tally and the young adults from oasis concluded that the bugs found in this river pointed out that the river was not highly polluted and that it wasn’t “so clean”.

Source:Community Engagement Directorate