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Mandela Day

Date Released: Thu, 9 May 2013 09:29 +0200

Good day,

It’s that time of the year again, when Rhodes University and Grahamstown gear up to participate in Trading Live for Mandela Day. In 2012, over 40 student organisations, departments and community organisations participated in the institutional community engagement initiative and made it a phenomenal success.

This year, Trading Live for Mandela Day will take place on the 26th of July from 08:00-17:00. In line with the central objective of Mandela Day, this project provides staff at Rhodes with an opportunity ”to take action to help change the world for the better, and in doing so build a global movement for good.”[1]  

The basic idea for Trading Live is that all staff, students and community organisations donate 67 minutes of their time on the 26th of July 2013 to building new relationships of reciprocity in our community that is Grahamstown. By making offers to trade their skills, talents, interests or hobbies with other interested parties, participants also can make requests to receive a skill or trade from another person in Grahamstown.

 Ideas include presenting a lecture or workshop or sports clinic, running a cooking or sewing or toy making class, offering a car wash or spring cleaning service, giving a musical or choir or drama performance, producing a delicious traditional cultural food dish with an explanation of why this dish is important to your culture. We all have something to offer our community and each other: you are encouraged to be creative! You can even get together with other staff in your department and offer something as a group.  Trading Live is also about what you would like to receive, so get thinking about your wish-list and identify that special something! For ideas for offers and requests, please visit the RUCE website: http://www.ru.ac.za/communityengagement/events/mandeladay/

HoDs, managers, student leader and organisation directors will be contacted and requested to encourage and facilitate involvement in this initiative. The trade will happen on Friday the 26th of July 2013 between 08h00 to 17h00 so managers and HoD will need to see what is feasible in terms of staff being away from work for 67 minutes to offer their trade and 67 minutes to receive a trade. It is recognized that some staff may not be able to participate at particular times due to work commitments. While Rhodes is seeking to facilitate this project, the essence of this initiative is to encourage all people in Grahamstown to use of their time and talents to benefit and learn from one another.

So how do you do this?

  1. Between the 22nd of April and the 24th of May, you need to talk to your colleagues and decide which skills/services you can offer or wish to request for Trading Live. Identify a viable project, something that can be done in 67 minutes;
  2. Approach your manager or HoD and indicate your and/or your colleagues’ interest. Discuss how this can work;
  3. Fill in the Application Form, available on the RUCE website, under Trading Live for Mandela Day and the Rhodes Community Engagement Office. Email/hand in the form to n.mngomezulu@ru.ac.za on or before 17:00 on the 24thof May 2013.   You need to indicate:
    1. The skill/service that you/your group is offering and what time from 08h00 to 17h00 on the 26th of July you can offer this;
    2. What skills/service you/your group would like to receive, and when from 8h00 to 17h00 on the 27th of July you can receive this trade;
    3. The intention is to create an open trading platform that can connect Grahamstown, please do not stipulate a specific donor of your request or a specific recipient of your offers. Matches will be coordinated by the RUCE office.
    4. For inquiries please contact the RU Community Engagement (RUCE) office: Nosipho Mngomezulu on 046 603 7230, or n.mngomezulu@ru.ac.za.  
    5. Once all offers and requests are in, RUCE will table all offers and requests in a Trading Live Newsletter.
    6. The Trading Live Newsletter will appear in the Grocott’s mail local newspapers on Friday the 7th of June 2013. There you will be able to see other offers and requests anyone can respond to. 
    7. From the 10th to the 18th of June, participants will then contact the RUCE office and either ‘book’ a “Donated Trade” or respond to a “Requested Trade”;
    8. The RUCE office will help organize match-making, but it is imperative that once a match is made, traders ensure they have made all their own necessary arrangements to enable them to trade a skill/service. RUCE will be available to offer advice and assist with some logistical matters, where possible. RUCE encourages trading individuals/groups to ensure they have made the necessary venue and transport arrangements to enable them to render their trade;
    9. A final Trading Live for Mandela Day Schedule, detailing the trades to take place on the 26th of July will be emailed to staff and published on Student-Zone as well as the HR and RUCE pages on the Rhodes Website by the 21st of June 2013. Trading groups outside of Rhodes will be contacted telephonically.

Then what happens?


What happens on the 26th of July 2012?

  1. The live trading commences during the course of 26th of July from 8h00 to 17h00;
  2. If it is not possible to do all trading on the 26th of July, staff will be asked if they are prepared to still offer their trades thereafter and/or prepared to continue to receive a trade. This will then have to be organized in the staff member’s own time.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Ms Nosipho Mngomezulu on 046 603 7230 at the RUCE Office, or n.mngomezulu@ru.ac.za.

This is a project initiated by the Rhodes University Community Engagement (RUCE) office, run in partnership with the Rhodes University Human Resources (HR) Division.It seeks to encompass the central objective of Mandela Day, which is to“inspire individuals to take action to help change the world for the better, and in doing so build a global movement for good.”1

Warm regards

Di Hornby and Sarah Fischer

Directors: Community Engagement and Human Resources

1: http://www.mandeladay.com/

[1] http://www.mandeladay.com/