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Masincedane Society

Date Released: Tue, 19 June 2012 09:00 +0200

The Masincedane soup kitchen is run in the Xolani community. One of the priorities is to make it completely self-sustainable, and we have started various projects in order to achieve this objective. The Rhodes CE office has been intrinsically helpful in starting and maintaining these projects.
For example, last year a group of women that rely on the soup kitchen formed Masincedane, a bread-making initiative. The women started off with lots of enthusiasm and bread was made regularly. But in the New Year the bread making dwindled and many women dropped out of Masincedade. At a loss of what to do, Masincedane consulted RUCE, especially Vuyani and together we were able to figure out the problem and take the necessary steps to rectify it. The soup kitchen does not have daily interaction with RUCE; however the fact that the Society can always rely on the CE office for guidance has provided the necessary support and has had a positive impact on the soup kitchen’s general functioning and the Society’s various objectives.