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We are ready for Trading Live for Mandela Week, are you?

Date Released: Wed, 11 July 2018 18:03 +0200

With so much hard work put into producing a well organised celebratory week for Nelson Mandela's notion of caring for one another in South Africa. The Rhodes University Commuinty Engagement Division has planned yet another week where we see people from all walks of Grahamstown coming together sharing and trading skills. We have gone away from the needs based approach where only the ones regarded as less fortunate get to receive attention for 67 minutes from those who regard themselves as having more to give. We have adopted the asset based approach where we recognise that every single person has something to offer, every community has assets that they can use in escalating their own development, so why don't we all come together and trade these skills and assets, build meaningful mutually beneficial relationships. That is why RUCE introduced Trading Live for Mandela Week so we can all recognise and encourage excersising agency from people in a socio-economic background.

For a list of what RUCE has planned for Trading Live, please see the link below:

2018 Trading Live for Mandela Week Daily Schedule

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Source:Community Engagement Directorate