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From SVP to ECP
From SVP to ECP
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We've changed the mindset, now we're changing the name!

Date Released: Thu, 11 January 2018 11:47 +0200

We’ve changed the mindset!


We’re changing the name!

Student Volunteer Programm is now Engaged Citizen Programme


  • The new name reflects a new paradigm from the old charity/deficit approach to Active and Engaged citizenship.
  • Overall, the new name refers to contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals. Which should be the overarching purpose of a person becoming involved in the ECP. Participants should be making a tangible contribution to the development of our town, as citizen/inhabitants of Grahamstown.
  • ‘Engagement’ pertains to being present in and for development. It means participating physically and with your mind and heart. It also pertains to sustained activity.
  • ‘Citizen’ evens the power dynamic between all participants. It acknowledges the diversity of our people.
  • The new name should change the mentality of participants towards understanding the goal of CE to be towards creating a just, equitable, understanding society.
  • Engaged learning, is increasingly, becoming noticed in the academic space. A Rhodes University experience aims to develop all dimensions of the individual. Participation in the programme is part of a person’s integrated learning experience.
  • The programme becomes more inclusive under its new name. Staff are welcome to join as well.

The programme provides varied but structured and supported opportunities to become an active citizen.

Source:Community Engagement Directorate