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Software and Computer Engineering in Low Resource Settings (Prof Alfredo Terzoli)

This module focuses on honing general ICT engineering skills through the exposure to problems that need to be solved within difficult (and often badly specified) constraints , foregrounding good technique and innovation. While low resources settings are various in nature, the scenarios will be mostly drawn from the realities of underdevelopment and poverty.
The practical work will require the solution of a (small) real-life problem in a small resource setting.


  • Low resource setting: characterization and identification of a problem set
  • General computer and software engineering: a brief review
  • Living Lab meets Agile Programming: displacing the user requirement elicitation problem and cutting useless application features
  • Engineering the e-infrastructure: network and device design and deployment - fit for purpose and efficient
  • Method and innovation: a concluding reflection

Reasonable competence in C/C++ programming and a desire to make programs execute faster.

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