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Launch of Lovedale Alumni Office

Date Released: Thu, 26 November 2009 15:35 +0200

Lovedale College invites all alumni and interested persons to the official launch of the Lovedale Alumni Office.

Date:  Tuesday 1st December
Venue: Alice Campus of the Lovedale Public FET College
Time: 10h00

For more information contact
Mr E. Khumalo
084 018 3011

"Lovedale College seeks to re-establish links with all men and women who have over many years passed through the White Gates of Lovedale in search of education and knowledge.

The resusitation and retention of the bonds of friendship that developed and were nutured here and the memories of how life was in this bastion of African educational achievement must be kept alive for future generations because this is our heritage.

Maintaining the cultural umbilical cord between the present and the glorious past of this instituion is one of the goals of the Lovedale Alumni Office." -- poster

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