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1895 Map of the Colony of the Cape of Good Hope

Date Released: Fri, 29 April 2011 09:43 +0200

When Eve Mazery of Howick asked to see MP 1815 in connection with her research into the missionary James Archbell, she was amazed to be confronted by a map 2.4 x 1.2 m in size! It took two Cory staff members, Louisa Verwey and Victor Gacula, to hold it up for her.

The 1895 "Map of the Colony of the Cape of Good Hope and neighbouring territories" is signed by J. Templar Horne, Surveyor General. It contains details of Mission Stations, Military Posts, Post Offices, Schools and Trigonometrical Stations in addition to the normal geographical data.

The map was donated to the Cory Library in 1994 by V. Border.