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‘Research in Africa’ Postgraduate Seminar Series

The ‘Research in Africa’ postgraduate seminar series is a student-led seminar series. Between four to six seminars are offered each term.

Postgraduate scholars are invited to offer short seminars on their work. Contact research.africa.seminar@gmail.com should you be willing to contribute a seminar into this series. Seminars are co-ordinated by a working group.


Thursday, 30th April, 1-2pm “Biodiversity conservation and state-building: from conflict to cooperation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo” Speaker: Deo Kujirakwinja, PhD Student, Department of Environmental Science

  • Thursday, 07th May, 1-2pm “A Massacre before MarikanaMassacre: Untold stories of the platinum Belt” Speaker: Robert MasekoPhD Student, Sociology Department
  • Thursday, 14th May, 1-2pm “Institutional change and biodiversity governance in South Africa: A perception survey” Speaker: JunioursMarirePhD Student, Economics Department
  • Thursday, 21st May, 1-2pm “Marine Conservation and management: Fisheries Common Pool Resources” Speaker: Ameil HarikishunPhD Student, Fisheries Department


Strengthening Postgraduate Supervision Course  

This national course prepares novice supervisors for the complexities of postgraduate supervision. It is accredited and certified and entails attending the full course and completing an assignment. Find out more here: postgraduatesupervision.com 

The course is open to all RU postgraduate supervisors, Post-Doctoral Fellow and PhD scholars. Follow this link to book your place:  https://goo.gl/forms/GzOEKYnhki6ZkmMi1

  • Phase 1: 6 - 8 November 2017
  • Phase 2: Online
  • Phase 3: 3 days in January 2018

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