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Northern Cape BEd team attend a district worksop

Date Released: Tue, 7 February 2017 10:03 +0200

The third- year students from the Northern Cape attended a district workshop on Saturday, 28 January 2017 at Moffat Mission, Kuruman. Despite the long distances some students had to travel, they were all punctual and there was 100% attendance.  The School Support Facilitator in the Northern Cape, Mrs Johanna Muroa, presented a lecture on “Setting up an effective book corner in a Foundation Phase classroom.”  Many students do not have book corners in their classrooms because they do not understand its purpose; nor do they have sufficient space. The evaluations revealed that the students found the lecture valuable. Nine students said that they learned how to set up a book corner and why it is important. As a student commented, “I learned more about the book corner; how it should look like and what to do if I do not have enough space.”  

Some of our BEd students achieved commendable results in the November 2016 exams. Four (4) Eastern Cape BEd students completed their degree with distinction. They are Elizke Gerber, Charmila Lekas, Sinayo Mbobo and Arpana Pal. These students will be encouraged to register for a BEd Hons at Rhodes University in 2018. Three (3) Northern Cape BEd students, namely Emarancia Balepile, Cynthia Nthekang and Funeka Jija got distinctions in 2 subjects at the end of their second-year.  Congratulations to these students on their academic achievement!