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Gogo Mapitsi Lieketso Mohoto - WaThaluki

Gogo Mapitsi Lieketso Mohoto-WaThaluki
Lecturer and Lessac Kinesensic Training Practitioner

Lieketso is a performer, academic and live sound/voice artist. She studied at the University of Cape Town's Drama department before going on to freelance as a voice coach and performer with a primary interest in the voice in performance practice. She is a wordsmith, an artist and general performance enthusiast.


She has a BA and Honours in Drama Directing & Education from the University of Cape Town and in 2016 she received a Masters in Higher Education (with distinction) from Rhodes University.


Positions held before joining the Rhodes Drama department in 2013 were administrator at independent theatre company FTH:K (2011) and Vocal Practice and Applied Theatre facilitator at New Africa Theatre Academy (2011-12).

In line with the experimental nature of her vocal practice, Lieketso has worked with Mwenya Kabwe as an experimental, live sound artist in multiple productions. These include Migritude (2011) for the Out the Box festival's Iqonga component, and a rendition of Adrienne Kennedy's SUN (2012). More recently in 2013 she worked as live-sound facilitator and designer for Afrocartography: Traces of places and all points in between in collaboration with Mwenya Kabwe and Liyabuya Gonqo.  As a performer during her Honours studies in 2011 she worked with Syrian director, Naila Al Atrash, in House of wives (Fatima Gallaire, 2000).

In 2017 she passed (with distinction) her Practitioner examination for the Lessac Training and Research Institute and has been invited by this institute to pursue her teacher qualification in early 2019.

Lieketso is currently a writing fellow with the Institute for Creative Arts (formerly GIPCA) at the University of Cape Town.

Her first peer reviewed article, ‘Theatrical strategies of storytelling, bearing witness and testimony for another: an examination of two South African plays,’ was published in the South African Theatre Journal Volume 28, Issue 1, January 201. In 2017 she published an article for BUWwA! Journal based on her Masters research. (see link to journal [pp 47 -52]

Lieketso’s book chapter, ‘Corporeal HerStories: Navigating Meaning in Chuma Sopotela’s Inkukhu Ibeke Iqanda through the Artist’s Words’ appears in ICA’s Acts of Transgression: Contemporary Live Art in South Africa, 2019.


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