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Events 2011

Theatre in Motion ‘11

Exciting | Innovative | New

designed by sarah kobal photo by dianne jordan

Wednesday 26th to Saturday 29th October

Box Theatre | Main Theatre

Theatre in Motion showcases exam pieces from young and talented performers in the Rhodes Drama Department. Physical Theatre, Contemporary Performance and Choreography all create superior theatre pieces from their extensive study over the year. The work is original and inspiring, intelligent, disturbing and delightful.


R15 and R10 for students | tickets are per programme [per night]

Limited seating for all shows

Available at Theatre Cafe from 18th October and from Box Office

Duration |1 - 1.5 hours

Age Recommendation | PG

Programme A | Main Theatre | Wednesday 26th and Friday 28th | 7pm

Lucy Kruger | Mother Milk | Honours Choreography

Mother Milk, choreographed by Lucy Kruger, is an exploration of the complexities and difficulties of the mother/daughter relationship. Four girls try to find their feet after being thrown into this world without choice. Their mother, impossibly human, surely only wants the best for her children – they are after all versions of her are they not?

A ladder and a lone milk bottle create a whirlwind of a world in which boundaries begin to blur and individuality becomes unclear....

The work is a meeting between complex choreography and intricate acting and vocal work - A collision of worlds in more than one way - A beautiful disaster.

PJ Waugh | iris/iris | Honours Choreography

A performative-installation piece, iris/iris plays with the idea of performance art, audience-performer intimacy, the space as art, the history of the body and the body as a site of imposed meanings. As such, PJ Waugh creates an almost anti-dance dance piece. He plays with the perception of the audience, manipulating the performers’ bodies and the space, to shock and entice the viewer.

Nicole Theunissen | Metempsychosis | Masters Choreography

Defined as the transmigration of the soul, Metempsychosis is a journey in three parts:

A burial

A crossing

A birth

Nicole Theunissen takes inspiration from the spiritual passage of the soul through various stages of life. Her choreographic style is hauntingly fluid, creating a graceful and elegant aesthetic.

Alice Thompson | Rusty Spoons Collective (games 1-5) | Masters Choreography

[invited audience only]

The Rusty Spoons Collective is an ongoing collaboration between eight artists working in the disciplines of dance, music and design. Games 1-6 is a series of task-based music/dance games which use improvisatory methods, not only as a means to generate artistic material, but as a performance mode in itself. The collective aims to promote audience engagement and agency through active audience participation. The piece is guaranteed to delight and stimulate the audience as they interact with the dancers and the music.

Programme B | Box Theatre | Thursday 27th and Saturday 29th | 7pm

Whitney Turner | Hydrocephalus | Masters Contemporary Performance

“Water is the one substance from which the earth can conceal nothing; it sucks out its innermost secrets and brings them to our very lips.”

Hydrocephalus is a theatrical intervention that offers audiences the opportunity to engage with social and environmental concerns surrounding conservation and wastage of the earth’s most precious resource; water.

Honours Physical Theatre | The catastrophe that didn’t happen  

Drawing inspiration from Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot, The catastrophe that didn’t happen suggests a landscape of inversion, silence and emptiness (evoked by Sonja Smit’s set design). In this landscape two characters meditate on the nature of catastrophe, lost in the eerie stillness. 

(i)                          Supervova

(ii)                        Nothing

(iii)                       Silence

Once again Juanita Finestone-Praeg and Alan Parker, in collaboration with the Honours Physical Theatre students, have created a piece to inspire and charm. 

Honours Contemporary Performance | What does this have to do with water?

Honours contemporary performance is aimed at encouraging independent and innovative thinking with regards to the performer as theatre maker.

The Honours class have put together an exciting theatre experience, melding acting, dance and play in a feast of theatre.


Young Directors’ Season ‘11

A feast of post graduate talent

 young directors' season '11

Wednesday 31st August to Saturday 3rd September

Box Theatre | Main Theatre

Tickets | R20 and R15 for students

Limited Seating

Tickets available at Theatre Cafe from Monday 29th August and from Box Office

A Scent of Flowers

Written by James Saunders

Directed by Bianca Binneman 

A Scent of Flowers reveals the journey of a woman who has lost touch with her own life. It is a surreal investigation into the idea of memory and the connection to the past, with a symbolic church as its backdrop.

Breathing In

Written by Reza de Wet

Directed by Julia te Reh 

Written by South African playwright Reza de Wet, Breathing In is a magical and unearthly story about the relationship between a mother and a daughter, a soldier’s love affair, and the endless fight for survival in the midst of the Anglo-Boer war.

A Dream Play

Written by Caryl Churchill, from the play by August Strindberg

Directed by Loraine Beaton 

Loraine Beaton presents a multi-media production exploring individuals who deal with a fallen state of humankind. The audience will experience a realm where the world of the subconscious is excavated.


Written by Josh Martin

Directed by Josh Martin

An original dark comedy, Autopsy follows the story of a cannibalistic doctor and his last few days at the morgue. It investigates the exploitation of power and its bloody consequences.


Best of Fest

A selection of shows from the National Arts Festival 2011

best of fest pic

Thursday 28th July – Saturday 30th July  

Tickets | R30 and R25 for students | available at Theatre Café from Tuesday 26th July and at box office

Bookings | theatre at ru.ac.za


Taste | Rhodes University Student Production

Thursday 28th July | 19:00 | Box Theatre

Directed by Debbie Robertson | Devised by Debbie Robertson and the cast

Every year Rhodes University Drama Department contributes a piece to the National Arts Festival’s Student Theatre programme. This year Debbie Robertson presents Taste.

Taste is a psychosexual comic thriller, taking inspiration from Steven Berkoff, Peter Greenaway and Roald Dahl. The devised play takes the audience deep into the concepts of sex, death and fine dining. Taste explores what happens when a secluded weekend away for a group of friends takes a dark turn. Inhibitions are lost, secrets are exposed and desires are revealed. Expect Twists at every turn.

For more information | Kate Bold | k.bold at ru.ac.za


Wreckage | Ubom! Eastern Cape Drama Company and First Physical Theatre Company

Friday 29th July | 19:00 | Main Theatre

Directed by Brink Scholtz

Choreographed by Athina Vachla

Starring Andrew Buckland

What happens when worlds meet?  What conflicts, compromises and discoveries emerge in this encounter? What happens when the map leads us in circles? When the compass directs us to the sky or to places under the ground?

In the 18th and 19th centuries, the coastline of the Eastern Cape saw a great number of frail vessels shipwrecked and many of their crew and passengers cast ashore. The encounters between these castaways and the indigenous people of the Eastern Cape have spawned unforgettable stories, myths and ‘histories’ and extraordinary feats of survival.

For more information | Sarah Roberson | s.roberson at ru.ac.za


New Voices | First Physical Theatre Company

Saturday 30th July | 19:00 | Box Theatre

A Selection of physical theatre pieces from upcoming and established choreographers

Since 1993 the First Physical Theatre Company has been dedicated to the promotion of young choreographers and performers through the annual New Voices platform at the National Arts Festival. The pieces are consistently thought-provoking, witty and unusual! Under the artistic directorship of Juanita Finestone-Praeg and featuring works by aspiring theatre-makers and the First Physical Youth Company, New Voices is absolutely not to be missed!

For more information | first.physical at ru.ac.za



National Arts Festival 2011

National Arts Festival


inTranceit bookmark

Transmit, transform and transport. Rhodes University final year Masters students Gavin Krastin, Nadine Joseph and Jen Schneeberger, present an evocative collection of experimental site-specific work. Journey into a space of striking imagery, enveloping aural landscapes and provocative physicalities. inTranceit: a visceral experience in transit.

Tickets | R30/R20

Transport will meet patrons outside Rhodes Theatre (Prince Alfred Street) 15 minutes prior to advertisted start time.

Tickets to all first performances | R20


choreographed by Gavin Krastin | Masters Choreography
IsiXhosa and English
Nombulelo Secondary School
1, 4, 7 July | 20:00

Subvert. Subclass. Subconscious. Subdivide. Subcellular. An experimental site work, sub- is a physical theatre installation performance in a multiplicity of parts. In a tense space within an evocative landscape, the audience is invited to co-exist with crooked and disjointed bodies as they perform the concept of power and failure (and its patterning) within a questionable South Africa. 

sub- poster


choreographed by Nadine Joseph | Masters Choreography

Christchurch | 4 Grant Street

2, 5, 8 July | 20:00

Last seen wearing? Hair? Eyes? Height? Age? Sex? Missing since? Any information...

dis.clo.sure poster


choreographed by Jen Scheeberger | Masters Contemporary Performance

York Street Extension
3, 6, 9 July | 18:00

Antigone is a revisiting of a classic Greek text that deals with themes of politics and rebellion. This version of the play has been moved out of the traditional theatre space and is being performed in the landscape on the outskirts of Grahamstown.

antigone poster

Taste | National Arts Festival | Student Festival

taste poster

Directed by Debbie Robertson

Every year Rhodes University Drama Department contributes a piece to the National Arts Festival’s Student Theatre programme. This year Debbie Robertson presents Taste.

Taste is a psychosexual comic thriller, taking inspiration from Steven Berkoff, Peter Greenaway and Roald Dahl. The devised play takes the audience deep into the concepts of sex, death and fine dining. Taste explores what happens when a secluded weekend away for a group of friends takes a dark turn. Inhibitions are lost, secrets are exposed and desires are revealed. Expect Twists at every turn.
Debbie would like to thank Andrew Buckland, Heike Gehring and Lindiwe Matshikiza for their invaluable help and mentorship.

Rehearsal Room

Monday | 4 July | 11:00
Tuesday | 5 July | 21:00
Wednesday | 6 July | 15:00

Duration | 50 minutes (No interval)
Language | English
Age Restriction | 16 years +

Tickets | R30 (Full) R28 (Discounted) R24 (Student/Scholar)


23rd to 26th March 2011

schmooze cast on stage

Schmooze is an original piece by Ford Evanson. It examines the process and practice of celebrity, the schisms in the world. Ford’s aim for the piece is to lay bare the process of theatre-making. He is using a mixture of physical movement, acting and new media to create a process of communication. All rehearsals were open to the public and every part of the process was documented in the blog [schmooze blog]

 schmooze media release

schmooze programme

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