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Bachelor of Education

Bachelor of Education (Foundation Phase)


The BEd (FP) is a 4 year, full-time programme which prepares students to teach in Grades R to 3. The programme develops strong capabilities. It gives students a well-rounded education, as well as providing them with subject knowledge, pedagogy and appropriate experiene for teaching.

The programme aims to prpare students to teach in a diversity of contexts, but especially in rural schools in the Eastern Cape where IsiXhosa is the language of learning and teaching.

Entry Requirements

A National Certificate (NCS) with a Bachelors pass you need:

  • 4 subjects at Level 4 (50% - 59%) or above; and
  • 3 subjects at Level 3 (40% - 49%) or above.

You also need an APS (Academic Point Score) of 40. The Dean of Education will consider your application if you achieve an APS between 32 and 39. A leaflet is available explaining how to work out your APS.

BEd FP Poster 2018 - IsiXhosa

BEd FP Poster 2018 - English

Introduction into the BEd FP Teaching


Undergraduate Application Form

BEd FP Curriculum Outline - Detailed

BEd FP Brochure 2018

BEd FP Rhodes Further InformationBEd FP Rhodes Further Information

BEd FP - Rhodes Language Subject Choice

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