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Green Skills 2017 Planning and Research Short Course (27th September)

Date: 27 September 2017 08:44 - 29 September 2017 08:44
Location: Wits University, Johannesburg
Organiser: Rhodes University ELRC and Wits REAL (Phone 0466037274)
Event Type: Courses

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New Course in Green Skills Planning and Research

Rhodes University ELRC and Wits REAL hereby invite registration for a short course in green skills planning and research.


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Green Skills 2017 Planning and Research


Aims and Outcomes

The aim of this program is to establish and support a network of organizations and individuals working on green skills matters by:

  • sharing green skills research, practices and lessons;
  • coordinating green skills research, policy and interventions;
  • training and supporting participant individuals and organizations.

The outcomes of the program are to:

  • understand the current developments in green skills research, policy and practice internationally and in South Africa;
  • evaluate and apply different methods for anticipating green skills needs and incorporating them into plans;
  • incorporate the monitoring, evaluation and reporting of green skills into existing systems.

The above will be located within national, sectoral, provincial, local and workplace/community contexts.  Participants will be supported in developing outputs needed by their organizations.


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Modality and Venue

All 3 contact sessions are compulsory. The contact sessions for engaging face to face with presenters, facilitators and other practitioners, will be complemented with online resources, forums, practical and conceptual assignments and feedback from experienced tutors. The contact sessions will take place at Wits University, Johannesburg



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Costs and Accreditation

This first course is funded by the Green Fund (DEA through DBSA) and there is no registration fee. Participants or their employers would be responsible for their own travel, accommodation and possible research costs. The host universities will seek accreditation for those who successfully complete the short course.


Further Information

Please visit the website www.greenskills.co.za or contact us for more information.

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