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Chisala Lupele

Chisala Lupele
B.A: Media, Geography and Environmental Studies (Honours), University of Namibia.  

Provisional dissertation tittle: The role of community radio as an education tool in rainwater harvesting.  

I am passionate about my work because coming from a media background, I believe the media educates and informs people. It also influences and shapes people’s actions and thinking. Without the media to help disseminate environmental issues to the masses then we are likely to create ill informed environment societies.  Not many mediums tackle environmental stories on a large extent and many research studies I have come across accredit this to lack of knowledge of how to go about it from the journalist point of view. For this reason my study will seek to find strategies for radio production so as to strengthen coverage of environment issues. It will also help me implement my findings in my work and spearhead the change I want to see in the world, hoping to ultimately bring about a transformation.   

Keywords: Community radio, rainwater harvesting, agriculture, food security, new media

Supervisor: Dr Ingrid Schudel

Organisational affiliations: My research is part of a bigger research team called Amanzi for food. www.amanziforfood.co.za

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