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Edward Kaahangoro

Edward  (Eddie) Kaahangoro

B. art Honours (Geography, Environmental Studies and Sociology)

Dissertation working title: An investigation of how a textbook mediates learning about climate change in a TVET qualification: A case study of a Renewable Energy Technologies course at an Eastern Cape TVET College

Currently researching on how a Renewable Energy Technologies (RET) textbook acts as a mediating tool in learning about climate change and global warming at a Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) College. The textbook is used as a mediating tool within an elective module of the National Certificate (Vocational): Electrical Infrastructure Construction (Electrical Engineering) at PE College (Iqhayiya Campus). This case study research forms part of a wider research programme in the Environmental Learning Research Centre at Rhodes University into green skills development in South Africa.

The main focus is on how a Renewable Energy Technologies (RET) textbook mediates learning about climate change and global warming at a (TVET) College. I am passionate about this in that I want to understand the socio-cultural and historical process of learning and teaching pedagogy within a TVET College context focusing on environmental issues. And also in discovering the role that Environmental Education is slowly starting to play in education and training for future generations to obtain required attitudes and behaviours towards the environment in training and later in working life.

Supervisor: Dr Lusanne Olvitt

Organisational affiliations: Rhodes University ELRC https://www.ru.ac.za/elrc/. University of Namibia MRC http://www.mrc.unam.na.

Keywords: Green Economy and Skills Training, Renewable Energy, TVET Pedagogy, Cultural Historic Activity Theory (CHAT) and Semiotic Mediation.     

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