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Phumeza Peteni-Mzayidume

Phumeza Peteni – Mzayidume

B.A, B.Ed. Hons. (Environmental Education) –UNISA

Research interest: Sustainable water harvesting to support agriculture and livelihoods

I am currently doing M.Ed in Environmental Education at Rhodes University.
I am the Chairperson of a Co-operative that runs Guanga Farm near Peddie in the Eastern Cape. Our focus is mainly on farming, livestock and piggery. There is plenty of land that also needs to be worked on, but due to water scarcity, nothing has been done in terms of cultivating the land and make use of the arable land in order to create job opportunities for the local people. Now, I am interested in finding ways of harvesting water to sustain the community of Peddie and grow crops to sell and feed them. I am also in the process of affiliating to the Ngqushwa Farmers Agricultural Co-op.

Key words: water harvesting, sustainability, economic development, economic growth; crop production.

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