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Caroline Bell

Caroline Bell

Caroline Bell

BSc (Hons) Ecology (UKZN); MSc Marine Biology (Rhodes University)

Dissertation working title: Exploring up-skilling opportunities and professional practices in the Marine Sector of South Africa

Caroline is a full-time PhD student at the Environmental Learning Research Centre, Rhodes University. Through CATHSSETA and GreenMatter, she has taken up a PhD opportunity to research the skills needed in the ‘Green Economy’ of South Africa. Specifically, she hopes to investigate the scarce skills in Marine and Coastal Management by looking into the opportunities for up-skilling in organisations linked to this focus area. She is interested in professional development in the marine sector and the ways that formal and informal learning occurs in workplaces associated with this field. Caroline’s provisional research title is ‘up-skilling biodiversity professionals in marine conservation organisations’.

Supervisor: Prof. Heila Sisitka

Keywords: Upskilling, marine and professional practices

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