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Wilma van Staden

Wilma van Staden

BSc Microbiology & Botany (Unisa); BSc Honours in Aquatic ecology and environmental management (NWU); MSc Environmental Management (NWU); PGCE (CUT).

Dissertation working title: Review of the Agricultural curricula of tertiary education institutes in S.A. during the transitioning towards climate smart agriculture

Primary research question: How is the agricultural curriculum informing and operating in a climate smart why as an innovative system that is responsive to climate smart agriculture?

I am a PhD scholar at the Environmental Learning Research Centre, within the Amanzi for Food  research group.

My broader research interest is the integration of climate smart agriculture within the agricultural education system. I am currently reviewing how the curriculum of selected agricultural tertiary institutes incorporate and address key challenges surrounding climate smart agriculture that the agricultural sector in South Africa is facing.

Supervisors: Prof. Rob O’Donoghue; Prof. Heila Sisitka

Keywords: Agriculture curriculum; climate smart agriculture, systems approach

Organisational affiliations: Employed by the Department of Education; Amanzi for Food

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