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Dr. Dylan McGarry

Dylan McGarry.


Dr. Dylan McGarry. Post Doc Fellow at the Environmental Learning Research Centre, at Rhodes University in South Africa and co-coordinator for the Transgressive Learning Network, situated in the ISSC TKN. 


Dylan is a Post Doctoral fellow at the Environmental Learning Research Centre at Rhodes University, and a research fellow at Urban Futures Centre, at Durban University of Technology, in South Africa. He explores practice-based research into connective aesthetics, transgressive social learning, immersive empathy and socio-ecological development in South Africa. He has a transdisciplinary PhD in Environmental Education and Art (social sculpture). His academic work to date has mainly revolved around sustainable rural development, informal youth education in complex learning environments and social ecological learning across various contexts and cultures. His artwork and social praxis (which is closely related to his research) is particularly focused on empathy, and he primarily works with imagination, listening and intuition as actual sculptural materials in social settings to offer new ways to encourage personal, relational and collective agency. To read more about his work and to connect to his publications go to www.dylanmcgarry.org



McGarry, D. (2016) "The Listening Train: A Collaborative, Connective Aesthetics Approach to Transgressive Social Learning." Southern African Journal of Environmental Education 31.1: 8-21. www.ajol.info/index.php/sajee/article/view/137658/127221

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McGarry, D. (2014). The empathetic apprentice: pedagogical developments in the aesthetic education of the social learning practitioner in South Africa. Chapter 12 in Corcoran, Peter Blaze and Brandon P. Hollingshead (Eds.). Intergenerational Learning and Transformative Leadership for Sustainable Futures. Wageningen, the Netherlands: Wageningen Academic Publishers, in press.

McGarry, D. (2013). Empathy in the time of ecological apartheid a social sculpture practice-led inquiry into developing pedagogies for ecological citizenship. Doctoral thesis for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy Department of Education, Rhodes University supervised by Prof. Heila Lotz-sisitka.

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