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G-ONE-FIRE servicing fire fighting equipment

Date Released: Sat, 16 August 2014 12:15 +0200

Kindly note that the G-ONE-FIRE technician, Mr Tommy Price, will be on RU campus this month to inspect and service fire fighting equipment.

You are kindly requested to assist the technician by unlocking any rooms with fire fighting equipment and drawing his attention to any items which may be difficult to find (call Mr Price on 082 710 5061). He is wearing a Rhodes University ID tag, and a reflective vest with his company logo.

The G-ONE-FIRE technician will inspect and service most equipment on site, and place a new service sticker (date serviced “06/2014”) on each unit. In cases where fire extinguishers must be removed and pressure-tested at their head office in PE, you should receive a replacement unit so that your safety is not compromised.

G-ONE-FIRE has been contracted by the Engineering Section in the Division of Infrastructure and Operations. If any fire fighting equipment is overlooked, you may submit an online requisition (https://dmuapps.ru.ac.za/maint/mreq) to Engineering, or contact Tracey van Aarde on RU extension 8234.

Any queries or concerns regarding fire fighting equipment and servicing may be directed to the Engineering Section (www.ru.ac.za/estates/facilitiesmanagement/engineering).

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Source:Nikki Kohly