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The EMU is located in the basement of the Biological Sciences Building. The unit provides a service to students and researchers throughout the university as well as to companies outside the university.‌

‌The Electron Microscopy Unit at Rhodes University offers much more than just EM, it is a comprehensive imaging centre providing a "one stop" service for an extremely wide range of imaging requirements. As such it has a very successful record operating as an autonomous service unit for researchers from within and outside the university for over 40 years.

The EMU has excellent equipment for macro- and micro-imaging requirements in biology and medicine. This internationally-competitive facility is geared to providing an easy-to-use service for its users.

Training courses on the use of the imaging techniques and technology available in the EM Unit are offered every year.

Although primarily equipped for life sciences microscopy, the EMU nevertheless also provides a wide range of valuable imaging facilities for applications in the physical and earth sciences, and for commerce, industry and law.

From this page there are links to images of cells and cell structures. These web pages are being updated regularly and the images are available free of charge to teachers and university lecturers as long as the source is acknowledged.

For further information

Telephone 046 603 8169
Fax 046 622 8959

E-mail to either S.Pinchuck@ru.ac.za; M.randall@ru.ac.za

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