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Prof Dirk Klopper



D.Litt et Phil (UNISA)

email address: d.klopper@ru.ac.za

Teaching and Research Interests:

South African country narratives; Romantic literature; ecocriticism.

Selected Publications

Books/Book Chapters

2012. ‘The Lyric Poem During and After Apartheid’. In The Cambridge History of South African Literature. Eds Derek Attridge and David Attwell. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 587-606.

2010. The Columbia Guide to South African Literature in English Since 1945. With Gareth Cornwell and Craig Mackenzie. New York: Columbia University Press.

2000. Anatomy of Dark: Collected Poems of Arthur Nortje (edited). Pretoria: Unisa Press.

2000. ‘Black Residue: Identity, Otherness and the Crisis of Self-representation in the Poetry of Arthur Nortje’. In Colonizer and Colonized. Eds Theo D'haen and Patricia Krus. Amsterdam: Rodopi. 479-486.

1990. ‘Ideology and the Study of South African English Poetry’. In Rendering Things Visible: Essays on South African Literary Culture. Ed. Martin Trump. Johannesburg: Ravan. 256-294.

Articles and Chapters

2014. ‘The Pastoral, the Primal and the Post-Apartheid Sublime in Justin Cartwright's White Lightning’. English in Africa 41.3: 97-118.

2011. ‘The Place of Nostalgia in Zoë Wicomb’s Playing in the Light’. Current Writing: Text and Reception in Southern Africa 23.2: 147-156.

2010. ‘Boer, Bushman and Baboon: Human and Animal in Nineteenth Century and Early Twentieth Century South African Writings’. Safundi 10.1: 3-18.

2008. ‘Between Nature and Culture: The Place of Prophecy in Zakes Mda's The Heart of Redness’. Current Writing 20.2: 92-107.

2006. ‘Critical Fictions in J.M. Coetzee's Boyhood and Youth’. Scrutiny2 11.1: 22-31.

2005. ‘Travel and Transgression in Dan Jacobson’s The Electronic Elephant’. Third World Quarterly 26.3: 461-469.

1999. ‘The Outsider Within: Marginality as Symptom in Marechera's 'Throne of Bayonets'. In Emerging Perspectives on Dambudzo Marechera. Eds Flora Veit-Wild and Anthony Chennells. Asmara: Africa World Press. 121-135.

1998. ‘On the Edge of Darkness: Stephen Watson and the Return of the Romantic Imagination’. English in Africa 25.1: 87-98.

1996. ‘Death, Resistance and Liberation in Peter Horn's “The Plumstead Elegies”’. Journal of Literary Studies 12.2: 171-186.

1992. ‘Francis Carey Slater and the Africanisation of South African English Poetry’. English in Africa 19.2: 1-13.



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