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Dr Jamie McGregor

Dr Jamie McGregor


BA (Hons) (Rhodes), MA (UCT), PhD (Rhodes)

email address: j.mcgregor@ru.ac.za


Teaching and Research Interests

Myth, romance and fantasy (especially Tolkien and CS Lewis); Arthurian literature (from Malory to TH White); Romanticism; Modernism (especially Joyce). 

Jamie McGregor has a particular interest in Wagnerian music-drama and its literary/cultural influences and analogues. 

Selected Publications

2013    “Tolkien’s Devices:  The Heraldry of Middle-earth.”  Mythlore.  32.1/2:  93–109.

2011    “Two Rings to Rule them All:  A Comparative study of Tolkien and Wagner.”  Mythlore. 29.3/4: 133–53.

2006    “‘The Sea, Music and Death’:  The Shadow of Wagner in Woolf’s Mrs Dalloway.” English Studies in Africa. 49.2: 83–108.    



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