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Prof Sam Naidu

Associate Professor

B.Journ (Rhodes), BA (Hons) (Rhodes), MA (Rhodes), PhD (Rhodes & SOAS, University of London), PGDHE (Rhodes)

email address: s.naidu@ru.ac.za

Teaching and Research Interests:

South African/Postcolonial Crime Fiction, Nineteenth Century Detective Fiction, African Literature, Transnational Literature (Literature of the African, Latin American, and South Asian Diasporas), Postcolonial Feminist Literature, Oral/written interface in colonial South Africa, English transcriptions of Xhosa folktales, the publication and marketing of indigenous South African orature, Folklore and Ethnographic Writings of George McCall Theal, Homer and the influence of Classical western texts on contemporary literature in English, Grotesque, Monstrous and Abject Bodies in Literature, and Emily Dickinson.

Andrew W. Mellon Intersecting Diasporas Research Group:

Sam is co-ordinator of the Intersecting Diasporas Research Group, which studies various transnational texts in order to describe the complex and paradoxical experiences of diasporas in a world of increasing mobility and de-territorialism, which yet, in certain locations, also faces increased regulation or prohibition of migration.

Follow this link to find out more about the Intersecting Diasporas Research Group. Sam is assisted by the Intersecting Diasporas Group Post-Doctoral Fellow, Andrea Thorpe.

Selected Publications:

Click here for details of Sam's Published Works, or follow the link to her ORCID account, where you can follow her to be informed of upcoming and new publications: http://orcid.org/0000-0001-9456-8657  

Community Engagement: 

Together with the Makana District Friends of the Library and the Rhodes University Community Engagement Office, Sam helps establish school libraries, runs reading clubs, and facilitates Literature Appreciation workshops at DD Siwisa Primary, Ntsika Secondary, and Nombulelo Secondary Schools.   

Community Engagement – Ntsika Secondary Reading Club; Course Co-ordinator English 3; Departmental Research Seminars; Paper Co-ordinator English 2 Transnational Literature and Honours Africa in the World.

Institutional/Professional Activities:

Member of the Rhodes Univeristy Sexual Violence Task Team. See the most recent report: http://www.ru.ac.za/criticalstudies/policybriefsfeedbackreports/  

Member of the Rhodes University Language Committee, Convener of the Annual Multilingualism Colloquium.  See article:  http://www.ru.ac.za/latestnews/languageapivotaltooltoeffecttransformationatuniversity.html

Editorial Board English in Africa

External Examiner UCT and Stellenbosch University, UNISA Gender Studies Unit

Reader MA in Creative Writing Programme, Rhodes University

Guest Editor Current Writing Vol 25 No 2, 2013

Guest Editor Journal of Commonwealth and Postcolonial Studies Spring 2016








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Rhodes > English > People > Academic Staff > Sam Naidu

Sam's Published Works


Books/Book Chapters


2016. A Survey of South African Crime Fiction: Critical Analysis and Publishing History (forthcoming UKZN Press)


2016. Sherlock Holmes: Cultural Politics and Intellectual History (forthcoming Palgrave Macmillan)


2010. Realising Human Rights for All: Navi Pillay, Arcadia Books: London.


2010. “Life-Writing: The Migrating Selves of Meena Alexander”. eds. Singh, Jaspal, K. & Chetty Rajendra. Comparative Poetics in the Literature of Transnational Indian Writers, Northern Michigan University. 87-96.


2008. “Women Writers of the South Asian Diaspora: Towards a Transnational Feminist Aesthetic?”. eds. Raghuram, Parvati et al. Tracing an Indian Diaspora: Contexts, Memories and Representations, Sage Publications. 368-391.


2007.  “South Asian Diasporic Women’s Short Fiction: the South African Contribution”, eds. Kuortti, Joel & Mittapalli. Rajeshwar, Indian Women’s Short Fiction, Atlantic Publishers & Distributors. 47-75.


Journal Articles


2015. “The First World’s Third-World Expert: Self-Exoticisation in Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner”, with Mohammad Shabangu. Journal of Commonwealth and Postcolonial Studies, 1(3): 40-56.


2015. “Sherlock Holmes: Evolving Cultural Icon, Adaptations, Personhood, and Fan Communities”. The Human: Journal of Literature and Culture, 4: 4-19.


2015. (with Beth Le Roux) “South African Crime Fiction: Sleuthing the State Post-1994”, with Beth Le Roux. African Identities, 12(4): 283-294.


2014. “Crimes against Nature: Ecocritical Discourse in South African Crime Fiction”, Scrutiny 2, 19(2): 59-70.


2014. “The Struggle for Authority in George McCall Theal’s Kaffir Folkore (1882)”, Southern African Journal for Folklore Studies, 24(1): 78-97.


2013. “Vrou is Gif: The Representation of Violence against Women in Margie Orford’s Clare Hart Novels”, with Louise Vincent. African Safety Promotion: A Journal of Injury and Violence Prevention, 11(2): 48-62.


2013. “Crime Fiction, South Africa: A Critical Introduction”, Current Writing 25: 124-135.


2013. “Fears and Desires in South African Crime Fiction”, Journal of Southern African Studies 39(3): 727-738.


2012. “Three Tales of Theal: Biography, History and Ethnography on the Eastern Frontier”, English in Africa, 39(1): 51-68.


2005. “On Becoming an African-Asian English Academic at Rhodes University”, African Sociological Review, 9(1): 97-104.


2001. “The Myth of Authenticity: Folktales and Nationalism in the ‘new’ South Africa”, Scrutiny 2, 6(2): 17-26.


Book Reviews


2009. The Writing Circle by Rozena Maart and Shalom India Housing Society by Esther David.  In Wasafiri: The Magazine of International Contemporary Writing, 57.


2002. “The Dinner Party” by Don Maclennan.  WordStock (official publication of WordFest, project of the National Arts Festival).


2002.  “African Short Stories: Translating Africa”. Review of The Picador Book of African Stories, edited by Stephen Gray. Picador.   WordStock (official publication of WordFest, project of the National Arts Festival).


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Rhodes > English > People > Academic Staff > Sam Naidu

Intersecting Diasporas Research Group Post-Doctoral Fellow: Andrea Thorpe

Project Title: Diasporic Subjectivities in South African Writing

Andrea Thorpe’s postdoctoral research builds on her doctoral dissertation which explored postwar South African writing about London. She is currently expanding and reworking this project into a monograph. She is also taking her research in a new direction by looking at the ways in which apartheid South Africa is figured in the texts and networks of black British writers during the second half of the twentieth century. While contributing to South African literary studies and literary historiography, her research reaches beyond its primary national context towards a timely recognition of South African literature’s intersections with other diasporic and transnational literatures.

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