Cullen Goldblatt

Andrew Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow 

(PhD, Comparative Literature; University of California, Berkeley)

Dr Cullen Goldblatt is a scholar of contemporary African and Diasporic literatures in French, Wolof, and English. He is also a poet and translator. Cullen’s research explores how narratives of colonial and apartheid violence shape the ways place and politics are imagined in the present. His current book manuscript, Places of Complicity and Imaginaries of Future Freedom,analyzes narratives surrounding District Six (Cape Town) and Thiaroye (Dakar) and investigates how ideas of collective “memory” disavow complicity in historical violence. An anticipated next book project would propose an historical approach to contemporary violence against sexual and gender minorities in South Africa and Senegal, tracing this recent violence to the ways that colonial and nationalist discourses have gendered and sexed African political subjects. In his 2018-2019 Mellon fellowship research, Cullen examines how the figure of the queen appears in Capetonian literature and popular culture, focusing, in particular, upon the queerly gendered “queens” of Richard Rive’s fiction and the “queens” of contemporary Capetonian “moffiepageants.” In the final term of 2018, he is teaching East African Women’s Writing, part of the “Africa in the World” Honours paper.

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