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Research Seminars

Wed 14:15pm – 15.15, English Department Common Room or Honours Seminar Room

01 March

Beth Wyrill

Guy Butler and NELM: Archive and Body


15 March

Arthur Rose [Honours Seminar Room]

In the Wake of Asbestos: Tahmima Anam and Ross Raisin’s Literary Representations of the Shipping Industry

29 March

Sue Marais

The Economies of Repetition: The Market, the Artistic and the Genocidal in Ivan Vladislavic's “Curiouser”

12 April


MA & PhD Proposal Workshop







03 May

Marzia Milazzo

Critical Race Theory Presentation & Workshop

17 May

Sam Naidu [17.15 – 18.15]

A “Horrific Breakdown of Reason”: Sherlock Holmes and the Postcolonial Anti-Detective Novel, Lost Ground

Book launch: Sherlock Holmes in Context, London: Palgrave Macmillan


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