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A Graduation celebration!

Date Released: Wed, 13 April 2016 14:43 +0200

Rhodes University's Department of English Language and Linguistics celebrated the achievements of its latest crop of graduates at a Graduation Reception on Saturday 2 April 2016.

One BA graduate who stood out this year is Kaitlin Cunningham, who achieved her degree with distinctions in Computer Science, Chinese Studies and English Language and Linguistics.  It is very rare for students to take three major subjects and achieve distinctions in all three of them, so our department is justifiably proud of her.  We are also proud of Danyel Hartley, who won the 2015 Bill Branford Prize for the best mark in English Language and Linguistics 3.

Rhodes Linguistics graduates and staff members

Five students graduated with a BA (Honours) in Linguistics and Applied Language Studies.  Two of them achieved distinctions: Jade de Sousa and Candice Grobler.

But the real stars of this Graduation are our four Master's graduates, Maxine Diemer, Justine Kerford, Hazel Mitchley and Tracy Probert, all of whom achieved distinctions for their outstanding theses.  These four students have contributed a great deal to the department, serving as tutors, teaching assistants and writing respondents, and will be sorely missed as they move on in their careers. 

Some postgraduate students at the Graduation Reception: from left to right, Sian Rees and Courtney De Barros (MA students), Candice Grobler (Honours graduate), Mikhaela Köhlo (MA student), Justine Kerford and Maxine Diemer (MA graduates)

Source:Ian Siebörger