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Bronwyn Pretorius wins Cambridge University Press Prize

Date Released: Tue, 6 October 2015 13:27 +0200

Prof. Ron Simango gave Bronwyn Pretorius the Cambridge University Press Prize for 2014 in a short ceremony at the beginning of a lecture on Wednesday 16 September.  The Cambridge University Press Prize is awarded each year to the English Language and Linguistics 1 student with the best marks who continues to English Language and Linguistics 2. 

Bronwyn is a most deserving recipient of the prize, having received a mark of 85% for English Language and Linguistics 1.  Her enthusiasm for the subject is clear to all her lecturers and classmates.  When it was announced that she had won, she sprang up and hugged Ron before being accepting the prize.  She won a copy The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Language by David Crystal, an excellent reference book on linguistics.

Ron also congratulated the whole class, saying that the lecturing staff had found them a pleasure to teach, and were looking forward to seeing many of them in English Language and Linguistics 3.

Source:Ian Siebörger