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Good things come in twos at Graduation Reception

Date Released: Tue, 14 April 2015 09:38 +0200

The Department of English Language and Linguistics celebrated its latest crop of graduates on Saturday 11 April 2015 at its annual Graduation Reception.  This year, the reasons to celebrate mostly came in twos: two accomplished young linguists graduated with their Master’s degrees, two graduated with Honours, two staff members had a birthday, and two important people with the name Branford were honoured.

Our two Master’s graduates this year were Anneli Nghikembua and Tracy Beangstrom.  Unfortunately, Anneli was not present to celebrate with us, but her MA half-thesis, “A study of errors amongst Grade 12 Oshiwambo-speaking learners of English in northern Namibia”, had received high praise from examiners.  Still higher praise went to Tracy Beangstrom, who received a distinction for her thesis entitled “Appraising the appraisal framework: Evidence from Grahamstown property advertisements”.  Tracy continues to do excellent work for the department as a temporary leave replacement lecturer.

We are also proud of our two Honours graduates, Sanet de Jager and Kimberly Millard.  Kimberly received a distinction.  Even though this was a small Honours graduating class, they certainly made an impact on the department.

The two staff members with a birthday were Prof. Mark de Vos and Nomvula Sitole, our wonderful Office Administrator and general “mother” to the department.  It was wonderful to hold the Graduation Reception on their special day.

Among those graduating with their BA degrees, four linguists achieved distinctions: Jade de Sousa, Kelly Goldstuck, Kelly Kilian and Abigail Branford.  We are privileged that Jade de Sousa and Kelly Kilian are part of our Honours class this year. 

The final “two” we celebrated is extremely special: the Bill Branford was awarded to Abigail Branford.  Bill Branford was the founding Head of the Department of English Language and Linguistics, serving in this role between 1964 and 1990.  The Bill Branford Prize for the best student in English Language and Linguistics 3 was established in his honour, and last year his granddaughter, Abigail Branford, claimed the prize.  Head of Department Prof. Ron Simango proudly presented her with her prize certificate at the Graduation Reception.  It was a fitting “cherry on the cake” for a great day of celebration.

Source:Ian Siebörger